Erasmus Partner Company in Ireland. Ka1 & Ka2 Projects.

Erasmus plus is the EU funding programme for education, training, youth and sport. We now have a new program 2021 to 2027. LXI is an ;Erasmus Plus Partner Company' in Ireland. We cater for Ka1 & Ka2 Erasmus plus programs with EU schools, kindergartens and universities.

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for participants who include students and education staff, to study, train, get work experience and volunteer abroad. In addition to providing grants for individuals, Erasmus+ supports transnational partnerships among education, training and youth institutions and organisations. It also supports national efforts to modernise education, training and youth systems. For the first time it will provide support to sport initiatives. 2020 saw a 37% increase in Erasmus funding and a 6 year commitment, up to 2027.

In May 2018, the Commission has proposed to double the Erasmus budget to €30 billion for 2021-2027, making it possible for up to 12 million people to have an experience abroad.

The UK left Erasmus with Brexit, and many schools in the EU are searching for a new English speaking 'Partner Companies', in the euro zone. Language Xchange Ireland is an Erasmus Partner Company and has being in this market for 12 years now, LXI brings groups of students to the South East of Ireland to improve their English language skills. We have successfully hosted students from Austria, Poland, Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany and Finland. 50% of our partner schools are using LXI in conjunction with their Erasmus+ grant aid for English Programs abroad. We 'Make Learning Unforgettable'.

Our theme of "preparation of student for future employment", integration of English, host family accommodation, online preparation and extensive cultural activities; makes partnering with LXI very attractive during the Erasmus+ grant application process. LXI are one of the leading Erasmus partner companies within Ireland and the only such company to hold ISO9001, ISO45001 & ISO9001 certified management systems.

Our programs include:

  • On line program preparation (unique to LXI)
  • - 2 to 4 week Voluntary Work Placements (where groups of students practice Business English in a profession/industry of their choice)
  • - Internships (longer than 4 weeks)
  • - Business English Language School (age 17+)
  • - Summer Language School (age 12 to 17)
  • - Agricultural Work Placements
  • - Culinary School
  • - Groups choose from one of four locations in the South East of Ireland – Kilkenny, Waterford, Clonmel, Wexford, Enniscorthy, Carlow, Cashel / Cahir or Dungarvan.
  • Each location has an LXI Area Manager offering 24/7 support.


Not all classrooms have walls -- Learn by doing.

Over many years providing English learning programs, we have developed a unique tiered model of immersion in the English language. This model includes: online access to eLearning courses for months in advance of coming to Ireland; a work placement or language school; an Irish Host Family; organised social events and; a cultural tour.


One of our unique features in our online, interactive database, which includes our free eLearning courses. Through these online courses, students practice English for months before coming to Ireland, allowing them to get the most from their Irish experience (! The database also allows us to provide information in advance to students and parents about their Host Family, work placement/language school and diary of events, and to communicate from the time of booking until students have safely returned home.

Students stay with local Host Families, in close proximity to their work placement or language school, and are fully immersed in Irish culture and daily life

No other Erasmus Partner Company in Ireland offer these vital services.

We have a very genuine focus on quality, safety and security and our company owner is a Health and Safety consultant with years of experience. We support and are available to students and teachers from the time they arrive at the airport until they are safely on their way back home.

We are very proud to say that our quality management system recently achieved ISO 9001-2015 Quality certification, ISO:450001 Health & Safety Management certification and ISO:14001 Environmental Management certification. LXI are the only placement company in Ireland and the UK awarded all 3 accreditation combined.

Our programs are enhanced by solid partnerships with local businesses, a local secondary school, Kilkenny's culinary experts -Thomastown Town of Food, and our local Host Families. Our location away from the large urban centres provides increased safety, security and peace of mind for students, parents and teachers.

We believe that learning English should be an enjoyable experience, which is reflected in our personalised approach, 24/7 availability to students and teachers, warm Irish welcome and friendly atmosphere.

Language Xchange Ireland Work Placement Options.

General Work Placements

Work Placements that can be picked by any student, within any type of EU course or school system.(B2 – level English mandatory)

Arts / Crafts & Administration


Bar work & catering


Coffee shop & catering

Marketing related & Administration (B2)

Construction & Maintenance related

Office & Administration (B2)

Crèche & Childcare

Restaurant, Service & Catering

Equestrian Farming


General Farming

Sports & Administration

General Hotel Work

Supermarkets (Food)

General Mechanical & Bicycle

Tourism related & Administration (B2)

Trade Work Placements - Your Partner Company:

Work Placements that are reserved for students with TWO years study completed in the specific field or for students who have SIX months or more of direct work experience in this field and in a similar work environment.

Aircraft Maintenance (Trade)

Logistics / Warehousing (Trade)

Beautician (Trade)

Metal Fabricator/Engineering (Trade) **

Carpenter (Trade)

Nursing (Trade)

Chef (Trade)

Plumbing & Maintenance (Trade)

Construction (Trade)

Robotics (Trade) *

Decorator (Trade)

Sign Writing (Trade) * (B2)

Dental Nurse (Trade) **

Stone Mason / Block Layer (Trade)

Electrical (Trade)

Upholster (Trade) *

Graphic Designer (Trade) * (B2)

Vehicle Mechanic (Trade)

Hair Dresser (Trade)

Vehicle Panel work & spraying (Trade)

Information Technology (Trade) ** (B2)

Waiting Service (Trade)

* These work placements are limited to approximately #3 students per group.

** These work placements are limited to approximately #4-6 students per group. Greater numbers of students looking for these difficult to source preferences, will result in multiple locations used to meet project targets.

(B2) – Mandatory English level / Level II e-learning targets – 75% of theses companies want their student to bring their own Lap Top to their company – to allow for GDRP compliance. Schools should bring 2 Lap tops /#10 students in these categories.


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