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Prog No Course Title Course Level Duration - Days in Ireland Duration of Academy* Airport Transfer Inc. Rooms Inc. Cost
5x Days 7x Days 10x Days
1. Foundation English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour A1 5, 7 or 10 Days 2 Months Online Yes No € 490 € 630 € 870
2. Beginner English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour A2 5, 7 or 10 Days 2 Months Online Yes No € 490 € 630 € 870
3. Improving English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour B1 7 or 10 Days 2 Months Online Yes No - € 630 € 870
4. Intermediate English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour B2 7 or 10 Days 2 Months Online Yes No - € 630 € 870
5. Advanced English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour C1 7 or 10 Days 3 Months Online* Yes No - € 630 € 870
6. Business English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour B2 to C2 7 or 10 Days 3 Months Online* Yes No - € 630 € 870
7. Classroom English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour B1 to B2 7 or 10 Days 2 Months Online Yes No - € 630 € 870
8. EU Commission & Presentation English & Irish Culture & Attractions Tour B2 to C1 7 or 10 Days 3 Months Online* Yes No - € 630 € 870


*Includes e-learning modules on English Level III, EU and Sales for 3 months afterwards.

Digital networking with all participants of your course, updates and notes for 2years afterwards.

Smart phone continuation of your English Language Course for 8weeks afterwards (24/7) for further lifelong learning.

Group bookings of #5 or more, receive a reduced participant rate, per person (pp): 7x day programs are € 590pp, and 10x day Programs are € 790pp

With our without an Erasmus grant - this is exceptional value over 2x months of English language learning.

Experience the new digital decade first-hand & meet Erasmus targets:

  • A digitally managed mobility program in Ireland.
  • A combined travel & education program with almost daily travel, in Ireland.
  • Artificial Intelligence tutors, assessment and evaluation.
  • Flipped and blended learning methodologies.
  • E-learning content for up to 3 months to be availed of on your smart phone.
  • Some zoom conference time for open discussion in the evenings, when in Ireland.
  • Schedule autonomy & learning location are the learner’s choice – not classroom based.
  • You manage ‘Play & Pause’ on your device and establish your learning pace – 24/7.
  • Digital networking afterwards on LXI’s new ‘Notice Boards’ feature – for 2 years after your mobility program, in Ireland.
  • Learners 7- or 10-day mobility program, is extended into 8 weeks language learning, via digital smart phone learning (24/7).
  • Have time to experience the Irish culture and meet Irish people during the day, and in the evenings. Quality networking.
  • Experience the start of the Digital Decade with Language Xchange Ireland.

**MORE LINKS TO FOLLOW NEXT WEEK, HERE ** – Course descriptions.

Digital planning starts with our school’s staff training – LXI give you great value for money – Making Learning Unforgettable!

Not all classrooms have walls...

Teachers Feedback Required: Over 12x months LXI have designed and developed this innovative solution to the problem of classroom-based courses and low participation, with the support of Enterprise Ireland - New Frontiers. Now launched - we now have 99% of the design complete, and once again, we need further input from the teachers of Europe, on our final stage of development. Please click below on the link, to give our team your Ka1 mobility requirements:

Why choose Language Xchange Ireland?

Our Program Objectives are:-

  • To provide a combined education and travel program in Ireland – visiting many tourism attractions;
  • To improved competences, linked to your occupational profiles (teaching, training, youth work, etc.) using new technology, allowing daily mobility;
  • To offer each participant an opportunity to see Ireland and experience its culture, while learning;
  • To gain a broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, within Ireland;
  • To assist teachers in networking and life-long learning practices – offering a platform for communication and topic development with updates;
  • To improved qualifications of teaching & training staff, offering an extensive and diverse course catalogue;
  • To develop a greater understanding of the Irish culture, traditions and our historical monuments;
  • To create a greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • To offer a solution to the needs of the disadvantaged and less mobile – offering inclusiveness;
  • To increase autonomy & diversify opportunities for professional in their career development;
  • To allow groups from a single educational facility to travel and learn together – attending different courses simultaneously – at varying levels of English;
  • To improve English language competences at all levels, each participant monitored individually;
  • To give School staff autonomy and choice on their Ka1 Mobility using new technology and an innovative new platform;
  • To remove Ka1 staff mobility programs from the ‘classroom-based model’ and to allow participants experience the country they are visiting as part of their mobility;
  • To stretch mobility programs beyond a week or two in Ireland attending a fixed course;
  • To deliver an almost carbon neutral mobility program, in Ireland, under the guidance of our environmental management system & ISO 14001 certification.

  • Let OUR objectives allow YOU to meet Erasmus+ grant application and project objectives with ease - choosing a good Erasmus partner company is vital for project application success. However, this offering is tremendous value with or without a grant.

Location for your next Ka1 program: choose Ireland for 2022 & '23.

Partner Company: choose Language Xchange Ireland.

Essential numbers: OID No. E10178135. & PIC No. 935038873.

With new innovative technology – not all classrooms have walls – new technology has mobilized the information deliver processes.

Language Xchange Ireland's English Courses & Irish travel experience - ‘Making Learning Unforgettable!’

Register your interest on our contact page for further details & announcements in 2021.

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