Language Xchange Ireland want to provide a language-learning platform that transforms the way our students conduct their language learning online. This programme will accelerate the rate at which students learn English on a LXI programme both before, during and after visiting Ireland.

LXI want our students to train with speed and accuracy but also not to let the new skills acquired fade after training. Our Language Academy uses blended learning technology to ensure this success.

Tools include: Pronunciation Practice, Speaking Multiple choice, Matching, Dictation, Listening multiple choice, Listening recognition, Sentence unscrambling, Language comparison, Typing tutor, Spelling inspector, Fill in the blanks, Produce and say it, Produce and write it, Recognise and say it, Recognise and write it etc.

Once LXI students arrive in Ireland, they engage with English speaking people immediately. Within our work placement programmes, students learn English appropriate for a commercial and professional environment. Our online academy uses blended learning and sophisticated technology to accelerate our students' preparation for their time in Ireland. This will also be available after the programme to maintain and continuously develop English-speaking abilities.

Our Academy will deliver English daily via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so our students are constantly learning throughout their daily routines. The LXI language Academy can be used as an app on your phone, giving you 24/7 access to English. Our software monitors each individual student and if you wish, we can send you daily refreshers by email to keep what you have learned fresh in your memory. Our online academy is highly recommended for students wishing to complete a two, three or four-week work placement programme. This online training will bring B1 students up to B2 level in advance of their arrival to Ireland, which is the level best suited for our work placement programme. The system also caters from beginner to advanced level English.

Vouchers are three months in duration and are only available to students of LXI. They can be purchased through our office. Our three-month vouchers cost LXI students €95. Once a voucher has expired, your account remains open with LXI until you purchase another two-month voucher when you feel you wish to improve your English further.

Our online academy will be an intrinsic part of all “Summer English Language Schools” going forward. It will be a fundamental tool used to deliver the course in Ireland and it will be available to our students to use for a further two months, following their language school programme.

To illustrate the effectiveness of this technology, it is the programme chosen by United States Government organisations and the US Military. These high powered organisations require language proficiency quickly and thoroughly in order to address military, diplomatic, commercial, medical, and similar professional requirements abroad. It is the best on the market.

More than ever before, language skills are vital when looking for a job. We focus on giving you those language skills quickly and effectively. We understand the demands of a heavy workload and we adapt our language learning programmes to fit in to a busy schedule, using our app and online academy so you can learn when it suits you.

Contact us for more details – we look forward to hearing from you!

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