Language Xchange Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading Erasmus Plus partner companies. Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of students and teachers who wish to gain international English language experience and develop confidence speaking English in a business environment. In addition to learning English in a business environment, our programmes provide an opportunity to develop conversational English in fun, relaxing social environments. We have successfully hosted students from Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Spain since 2009. We have partnered many Erasmus+ projects as an Irish Partner.

Our philosophy

At Language Xchange Ireland we believe that the very best way to gain English language skills is to be fully immersed in the language, particularly for students who wish to become competent speaking English in a business environment. We design programmes that optimise students’ ability to learn ‘Business English’. Our students develop confidence speaking English in a business environment, expand their vocabulary and learn business terminology. A warm welcome, friendly Irish hospitality and our 'safety first' philosophy are a cornerstone of our services!

What we offer

Language Xchange Ireland offers students an opportunity to improve their ‘Business English’ through our structured, multi-tiered English Learning Programmes, consisting of five core elements:

  • E-Learning Package prior to arriving in Ireland
  • Voluntary Work Placement or Business English Language School or Summer Language School or Internship or Business English for Adults or Agri Work Placement or Culinary English School or Immersion English Tours
  • Irish Host Family for duration of stay in Ireland
  • Access to local social events
  • A Cultural Tour

Language Xchange Ireland's English Learning Programmes have been described by teachers as "lessons students will carry with them for life". With guidance and enthusiasm, Language Xchange Ireland introduces students to self-motivation, a positive work attitude, and a 'common sense' approach to work and life.

In spring 2021, we will launch our exciting new 'Ka1 Staff Mobility / Teacher Training Program' bringing innovation, travel and creativity to tired market. Please connect with our various social media, to keep informed.

Our history

  • Language Xchange Ireland was founded in 2009 by Con Furey and Kieran Quigley. With backgrounds in business, Human Resources and
  • Health and Safety, Con and Kieran identified an ever-increasing demand for English language programmes that would also provide students with an opportunity to learn ‘Business English’ terminology.

As owners of already established local businesses, Kieran and Con were able to access a broad network of work placement options in which students could learn terminology relevant to English-speaking business environments. It was from this beginning that Language Xchange Ireland grew into the established business it is today.

In August 2013, Kieran left the company to pursue a senior Human Resources role overseas and Mr. Con Furey has continued as CEO of Language Xchange Ireland. We now have a team of #12 working alongside the latest in CRM technology, to ensure a modern and sophisticated customer experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ireland

Con Furey, Managing Director

BSc Occupational Health & Safety, CMIOSH, Cert in Training & Development, MIITD

Tel: +353 87 225 1543

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Business Model:

Since its origin, Language Xchange Ireland has always been a systems-based business model, driven by technology.

To grow into its current market position, LXI has had to be scalable and this has resulted in the design and development of an in-house Customer Relations Platform (CRM). Our CRM is now 7 years in operation - and has evolved through three phases of development.

Phase I - delivered a digital platform for communication between our stakeholders - teachers, students, host families, work placements and contractors.

It assigned information, diaries, and systems emails to keep each stakeholder informed and to ensure that they had access to key information, via their PC or phone.

Phase II - delivered our 'unique to LXI offering' of an e-learning platform, designed to prepare students before commencing their work placement in Ireland. A comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section has been developed, the objective of which, is to enable a detailed exploration of the LXI school and learning program, to answer customers’ queries, spark their curiosity and give them an insight into what they can expect when they participate in our program. Phase II has significantly improved the quality of our student's performance and enhanced their overall experience since its introduction 5 years ago. This phase has also given rise to the possibility of attaining a second Certificate that the students can earn while on this program. This certificate is unique to LXI.

Phase III - delivered our conferencing facility to allow LXI to host training globally. This facility will also hold our digital solution to our new Ka1 staff motilities / teacher-training program that will start in 2021. This will remove on-site/single location lectures where participants remain confined to the classroom and it will facilitate teachers in travelling extensively around Ireland to its Top 5 attractions, while learning in a dynamic way.

Our digital platform has significantly reduced administration and allowed LXI to create a consistently high level of communication together with an advanced quality management system, in a people-based business. To ensure optimum customer care - each of our 10 plus work placement locations will have its own Area Manager and ‘Point of Contact’ who is accessible by mobile phone 24/7. Our Area Manager lives in an area central to the designated locations and is very familiar with local activities, businesses and work practices.

To maintain a strong line of communication and help learners to adapt to their new environment, we deliver an Orientation Training Session on arrival. Our Area Manager introduces all students to their work-placement employers, on the first morning (Monday) of the programme. To reinforce integration between our learners and to encourage a spirit of relaxed peer learning and comradery, we have a social night meet-up on the first Wednesday night, we then have a full day cultural tour on the following Saturday and a cultural evening on the final Wednesday evening of the program.

Language Xchange Ireland have achieved three ISO accreditation standard awards, demonstrating the high quality of their program and their dependability in delivering a fulfilling experience for the learner. LXI has a policy of always striving for customer satisfaction and are committed to a strategy of continuous improvement. Our programs and methods are robust and rigorous, yet flexible to allow immersion in the Irish cultural experience. We are adept at developing and changing to new technologies and to adjusting to the needs of learners in the rapidly changing landscape of the contemporary world, and at a global level.

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