Our English Language School is a unique feature of Language Xchange Ireland and a service we are very proud to offer! Our school is located in an Irish state school and your students can mix with up to 180 Irish teenagers, when attending our Language School in Ireland.

We believe that the very best way to gain English language skills is to be fully immersed in the language, particularly for students who wish to become competent speaking English in a school environment. We provide a variety of programs that optimise students’ ability to learn ‘Business English’...and our Language School Package is one of our exciting programs offering that opportunity!

This Language School offers English Learning Programs for student groups aged 12 to 19 years. These programs are typically 1 or 2 weeks in duration and provide students with an opportunity to improve their English language skills, and enhance life skills through the experience of attending an Irish school, living with an Irish family and attending social, cultural and sporting events.

As a result, our students develop confidence speaking English in a live school environment, expand their vocabulary and learn English terminology. A warm welcome and friendly Irish hospitality are a cornerstone of our services and a strong feature of the Language School experience!

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